Quick Steps For Building a Garden Pond

Planning to design a garden pond? Don’t know where to start? Here is a brief and simple guide that can give you all the answers, so you can start immediately.

  • 1. Identify the type of garden pond construction

Based on the purpose, you should decide how deep and how big your garden pond might be. This is a main move to make since you cannot just change the size and depth of your garden pond the second it is finished.
To decide upon the size, shape, and depth of your pond think about the number and the kind of underwater life and aquatic plant you will put in. You may want to read certain articles that guide you the right size of pond for a specific fish.cutelittlepondpump

  • 2. Select the place. 

Garden pond can perfect the beauty of your garden and at the same time, can draw in many kinds of birds and butterflies. To enjoy these two, you should select a place close to your house. It is needed that the garden pond must be located away from direction of rainwater run-off. Keep your pond away from trees.

  • 3. Label the area of the garden pond 

Once you have planned what type of pond to construct and where to place it, now is the best time to get your tools ready and start going to the location. First, mark the region of the garden pond with either a string or a hose. Do not prohibit yourself with the design. You can restfully change the shape of your garden pond if needed.

  • 4 Begin Digging! 

Do not start at the center of the pond. Rather, start at one side and make go from there. Depending on your design, you should make slopes. The rule: whichever the profile of your pond is, make sure that the edge has the same shallow depth (1 foot).

To be continued…


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